Group Leader Application

* ex: "We are a married with young children Group that meets on Tuesdays at 6:30 at our house. We usually do a potluck and our teens watch the kids. We gather together, laugh together, talk about the sermon from Sunday and pray. We also serve together at the monthly Serve Saturdays, but sometimes we make our own serving opportunities. We love being a part of a Group at Revolution. It's brought so much life to us!" Or if you lead a Care Group: "Anxiety Care is _________"(add a description of your Care Group)

The vision of Revolution Church is to become a true multiplication church, multiplying at every level: Team Members, Leaders, Coaches and churches. This is the 3 to 5 Vision, becoming a Level 5 church. Every Group is expected to multiply. How does that happen? Start each new Group with a co-leader. That way you can raise that person up to start a new Group or you can step out and start a new group.