Revolution User Stories

Hello! A "User Story" is essentially a questionnaire designed to help us understand Who you are, What you do, what you Need and what you WANT regarding systems/software requirements. (not facility type needs) Now is your chance to speak into any changes you would like to see. Now, there is no guarantee that your wish list will be fulfilled, but we will get as close as possible. Please answer concisely so that we can get to the core of your need quickly. If you have any questions, contact Chad or Natalie.

What core functions at the bare minimum are necessary for your job? List anything that is required. Example: Kids require fast self check in functionality. The GROW team requires iPad friendly interface for online sign ups.

Okay, now that we know what you NEED, now tell us what you WANT? What is your dream system wishlist? Ex. Kids wants multiple location kids check-in. FTG would like digital connection cards. What are these systems currently NOT doing for you that would make your job more efficient and effective?